Learning and Developement

Upskilling Programs

Cyber Security

Learning the techniques to protect data from attack, damage or unauthorized access and also safeguard the integrity of networks.

Business Development Programs


Skilling Program to resell solutions with the purpose of driving profitability of the Organization.

Emerging Technology Programs

Advanced Tableau

Understanding Advanced Tableau integrated platform with most intuitive user experience. Predictive analytics, advanced visualization, Geo spatial analysis & Integration with AI/ML/R/Python

Upskilling Programs

.Net Core with MVC

Study on an open-source and cloud-based modern web applications with an introduction to CLI Command Line Application for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Business Development Programs

Mining Integration

Proficiency in multiple facets of mining supply chain, right from the clearances, mineral production, approval and dispatch, verification to receipt of the mineral by the user.

Business Development Programs

Govt Procurement

Session on Govt. Procurement guideline and IT Gov-Tech best practices to talk about the Model RFP, GFR & CVC guideline and Govt ITC policy.

Emerging Technology Programs


Understanding Microservice Architectural Patterns, the collection of services that help client to solve a larger complex business problem.

Upskilling Programs

Linux Server Administration

Sharpening the present Linux knowledge for next level solutions in Apache, OVS, Docker, Open Daylight, Kubernetes, OpenStack etc.

Upskilling Programs


Learning to build a strong digital fortress for our customer data by understanding the multiple facets of Oracle such as Data Size, Oracle inbuilt Function, Cursor, PLSQL and Procedure.

Business Development Programs

ERP Solution

Understanding how ERP can address issues of large and small organizations in Open Standards, adopting to the new Emerging technologies and imbibing Digital transformation.

Emerging Technology Programs


Workshop on RPA Robotic Process Automation to talk about its importance and fitment in use cases of various verticals viz., Mining, Agriculture, Education and Healthcare to name a few.

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