Arpana - Online Pension Revision Application

Timely disbursal of pensions is a great hallmark of good governance. When the Seventh Pay Commission’s recommendations were implemented, it mandated the hike in a basic pension by 2.57 times for those who had superannuated before January 2016. It was a mammoth task for the state administration since it had to cater to revised disbursals for a pensioner base exceeding two lakh. However, the changing dynamics and piling up of grievances, especially those on delayed disbursals, have nudged governments to embrace end-to-end digital solutions. There was a need to fast-track the entire process and provide the stakeholders with a seamless digital solution that could ensure ease in application, timely revision of the pension and disbursal.  

CSM developed ‘ARPANA’ a web portal that is a delight for the pensioner facilitating hassle-free application for re-determination of the basic pension. To know more about how you can read the brochure.

CSM Technologies

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