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Digital transformation turns around the culture of an organization by rethinking how they utilize disruptive innovations to surge ahead. It happens when companies embrace new tools and processes that improve operations and satisfy customers.

Agile organizations have been experimenting with Digital Transformation. But it has taken a pandemic to quicken the transition. And, companies are placing huge bets on it. Market intelligence firm IDC estimates global spending on digital transformation to skyrocket to $6.8 trillion by 2023. This staggering spend will align with new business models and new revenue streams as enterprises reboot strategies to meet changing customer expectations on products and services.

In this annual edition of our newsletter i2, we walk you through CSM’s framework of Digital Transformation. Our digital ready strategy is buoyed by three Es- Evaluate & Envisage, Establish and Evolve. But we aren’t speaking on technology alone. We are buying in as much of strategy to make technology work better for your business ecosystem. Trust, this technology-strategy synergy will be your differentiator. We have internalized it, and are growing. Are you ready for the leap? For starters, we have this content curated for you. Read, relate, connect and disrupt.

Emerging Technologies- Making Great Things Possible

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