Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition as an emerging technology for authentication in biometrics is popular now for its seamless functioning and accuracy. It is a way of recognizing a person's face through technology. In biometrics, it helps to map countenance from a photograph or video which is then compared with a database of known faces to seek out a match. It helps in personal identification just the way we do but the only difference is it does it in grand scale, which is then stored in a database.  

Studies say that the worldwide facial recognition market would generate revenue of $7billion, supported by a compound annual rate of growth (CAGR) of 16% over the amount from 2019-2024. And the biggest drivers of this growth identified is the surveillance of the public sector.

CSM as a thought leader in GovTech space has been harnessing emerging technologies for facilitating governance.  Since this technology of facial recognition can promise to provide high- tech security for the spaces and bodies of value such as the government sector, CSM has used it for electronic pass system for easy verification of visitors to Government offices in Odisha ensuring high security and faster accessibility service.

CSM Technologies

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