In these changing times, where citizenry demand services through convenient and comfortable channels, the government needs to evolve embracing new technological disruptions to make the system more fast, swift and efficient. Government needs to pay attention to public grievances with high priority for its timely redressal as it is a hallmark of responsive and responsible governance.

The grievance redressal system has evolved with time, from physical letters to email and now social media. The changing landscape of technology, specifically the internet and social media brought people and governments closer and in tandem with each other. Use of social media as a 360-degree channel act a smart tool for grievance redressal.

 CSM’s Sociomatic is one such smart social media tool that facilitates expeditious redressal of public grievance through real time identification of grievances from social media post with the help of machine learning, instant response within 24 hrs, tracking & monitoring along with auto-escalation of ticket raised and analytics on real time data.

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