State Dashboard

McKinsey & Co. estimates that by digitizing information, disseminating public data sets and applying analytics to improve decision making, governments worldwide can act as catalysts for more than $3 trillion in economic value. That’s the power of advanced analytics and visualization which can translate enormous data into meaningful insights for better decision making affecting millions of lives.

When the government plans to derive business value from their data, one of the first steps towards a successful big data strategy is choosing the underlying technology of storing, searching, analyzing, and reporting. This is where Advanced Analytics, strengthened by emerging technologies, uses the power of visualization to measure the government’s KPIs while assisting it in making wise & timely decisions which is always better than the ones premised on gut feeling and intuition.  

To know more about the State Dashboard, a seamless, intuitive and interoperable solution that taps the power of Visualization and Advanced Analytics to appraise the performance of departments and their schemes, you may go through the brochure.

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