There has been a drastic change in the way people engage with technology. With the proliferation of internet across nations and demographics, there has been a democratisation of access. This has led to some interesting changes in the way corporates and government also engage with their customers and citizens. Today, a single twitter post with a complaint can quickly snowball into a maelstrom of adverse public opinion. The customer’s voice is now louder than before. Add with mainstream journalism going online, you have the perfect storm.

This is truer for government agencies. Gone are the days when it took months for a letter to get a reply. The entire administrative hierarchy has been dismantled. Today, an ordinary citizen can tweet to highlight his problem with a local agency to the Prime Minister’s office and even get a reply. He doesn’t have to go through the value chain to get his problem resolved. Similarly, the emergence of e-Governance has ensured that all forward-thinking governments have taken governance to the people. Making services available online and across multiple platforms has ensured that every service or lack thereof is transparent and efficient. More and more government agencies, as they embrace newer technologies are sometimes inundated with information. This is true for Social Media accounts, where reactions to any posts or comments can become an avalanche which can make the voice of the customer / citizens lost. Further, understanding who the real voices are and who are just noise from those thousands of data points becomes an onerous task for the best.


The drive for efficiency, transparency and a better Return on Investment is what drives the Emerging Technology initiatives at CSM. All the products and services that are part of the portfolio work on making the businesses and government agencies proactive in their communications strategies while giving on time responses to any grievances, keeping the citizen or customer at first.

Whether it is a private / government organisation that wants to build a better brand or understand the voice of the people, there is a product that will make life easier. CSM’s Emerging Technology portfolio has a product that makes the customer’s digital experience richer, by using a cross platform big data analytics tool with Adobe Experience Manager (read here), a solution that uses AI and Machine Learning to make the job of managing customer sentiments hassle free (read here) or want to track your customers / visitors across your shop / office floors by using permission based facial recognition technology, there is a solution to all the problems and challenges of tomorrow.

Each of these solutions is designed to work seamlessly to augment an existing technology infrastructure or used as a standalone tool to augment.


CSM's emerging technologies solutions either adopt the trends in technological advancements and become a trailblazer or adapt to play a role in the change for better.

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