Immerse In Metaverse

Metaverse became the buzzword in the tech world with the announcement of Facebook rebranding to Meta in October 2021. With a market estimated to be US$ 947.118 billion by 2030, Metaverse is redefining the ways businesses are done today. The current trailblazer is the confluence where the virtual merges with the real to expand the possibilities of evolution.

CSM has started putting together Metaverse building blocks by implementing emerging technologies that expand the horizon of technology evolutions. CSM Immerse is an immersive cutting-edge Metaverse stack originating from CSM's Emerging Technologies Services offerings. So this edition of i2 introduces to you CSM Immerse in Metaverse covering interesting domain agnostics use cases for the delight of the readers. To know more explore the newsletter, and dive into the immersive experience!

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