Forget AI vs Human Intelligence, Enter AI-human Synergy

  • 14th Jun,2023
  • 4 mins Read


I have been a passionate blogger for around three years now. But as I take to writing this post, my mind gets hijacked to a new stream of possibilities. The thought of a machine taking over a man and do the job in a jiffy! The evolution of AI and the growing clout of Generative AI has redrawn the perimeter of our perception. You won’t contest when I say this. A ChatGPT or Bard can churn out a blog post, map a marketing plan, generate talking points for your speech and even compose a Shakespearean sonnet- all in the blink of an eye. AI has more reasons to fluster humans. From diagnosing critical diseases to translating human languages, it is constantly going up on the capability curve. What’s more, the gulf between machine intelligence and biological intelligence is shrinking. 

AI has come of age incredibly. Its explosive growth has fanned worries on the future of humans at workplaces. But AI will not uproot us at work. And the companies which think that they can substitute humans with programmed AI devices are myopic. We are not headed to a conflict between human intelligence and biological intelligence. Rather, we are setting foot in a dawn of collaborative and creative intelligence where AI complements and augments human intelligence. 

A research done by Forbes on 1500 companies found that firms achieve the most significant performance improvements when humans and machines work in synergy. The symbiotic or collaborative intelligence will spur humans and AI to complement and enhance each other’s strengths- leadership, teamwork, creativity and social skills of men and speed, scalability and quantitative abilities of a machine. What comes naturally to people- cracking a joke for example, can be tricky and challenging for machines. In contrast, what is effortless for machines like analyzing gigabytes of data, can be unfeasible for humans. Business needs the marriage of the two sets of capabilities. 

Redesigning Business Processes with AI Integration

In the pursuit of seamless collaboration between humans and machines, a transformative shift is required in how companies approach their business processes and organizational frameworks. Consider the example of Amazon Go, a store where the absence of cashiers is not a hindrance but a revolutionary concept. Customers simply enter, select their desired items, and leave without the need for any human interaction. How is this possible? Through an intricate web of sensors, cameras, and advanced deep learning algorithms that diligently track customers' selections and charge them automatically.

But let us not forget the essential role of human workers in this innovative landscape. While technology takes care of the checkout process, these individuals remain vital in stocking shelves, preparing delectable food offerings, and resolving customer service concerns. Likewise, at Google Brain, human researchers operate hand in hand with intelligent AI systems, forming a symbiotic partnership that elevates the boundaries of innovation. These AI systems possess the remarkable capability to generate groundbreaking research ideas, which are then put to the test through rigorous empirical examination.

CSM Tech Taps Human-AI Symbiosis with Medha K 

Medha K

CSM Tech has developed and onboarded a non-human employee named Medha K who is a Knowledge Assistant and integrated it with ChatGPT to assist internal employees. As an AI-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP) chatbot, it can understand and generate text based on the prompts and keywords you provide. Medha K is the human-AI trainer who can fine-tune language models, incorporate human feedback, and employ the most effective learning methods to ensure a seamless experience for everyone. Not only that, Medha K is also undergoing extensive training on IT helpdesk data, enabling her to provide IT ticket support and access project monitoring data to furnish you with real-time project health information and insights. So, if you need answers, you can trust that Medha K will provide you with prompt, accurate, and contextually relevant responses every time you ask.

Medha K is a formidable text-generating machine that has been fine-tuned with CSM Policy content to understand the intricate functioning of the organization. Furthermore, it has been integrated with the ERP employee database to identify individuals and will have access to additional business data like attendance, leave, training, tour, off-boarding, etc. All these capabilities empower Medha K to provide invaluable assistance with HR and admin functions. Medha K is a marvel of intelligence, designed to be a highly valuable asset in any organizational setting. With its remarkable ability to mimic human thought processes, Medha K can analyze data and extract insights that optimize trends specific to the job at hand. Unlike human employees, AI never gets physically tired, so it can keep processing information and providing contextually relevant responses as long as you keep feeding it data.

The Future- synergy is The New Efficiency

The future lies in the seamless integration of human ingenuity and the untapped potential of AI. By reimagining traditional approaches, businesses can unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity, and creativity. It is an extraordinary journey that beckons us to embrace the synergistic possibilities and embrace the unknown.

Jayajit Dash

Senior Manager- Corporate Communications (Marketing)

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