In today's world, data is the new currency, and the way companies use it to create value is rapidly evolving. Experts predict that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will add a whopping $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. As AI continues to evolve, companies are beginning to replace human employees with intelligent machines in industries such as manufacturing, services, recruitment, and finance. The rapid pace of progress in AI has caused a stir across every industry, and one particular AI superstar is taking the world by storm - ChatGPT. This cutting-edge AI chatbot is so advanced that it can almost perform linguistic backflips, representing the future of AI technology. It's like watching the evolution of a caterpillar into a butterfly; the transformation of AI is amazing to behold, and its potential capabilities seem almost limitless.

Augmenting Human Capabilities with AI Integration

In today's dynamic business landscape, companies are relentlessly seeking innovative ways to optimize workforce productivity and enhance operational efficiencies. One of the most significant ways they are achieving this is through AI integration. Take for instance, IBM's Watson, an AI platform that has transformed the healthcare industry. Watson's advanced cognitive capabilities enable it to process vast amounts of medical data, diagnose diseases, and recommend treatment options. Also, IBM recently announced that over the next few years, it will replace 7800 human jobs with AI. Another example is Amazon, which has incorporated AI into its warehouse operations to enhance order fulfillment and streamline inventory management. With AI-powered robots and automated systems, Amazon has achieved unprecedented levels of speed and accuracy in fulfilling customer orders. In the financial sector, companies like JP Morgan Chase have implemented AI to automate tedious back-office tasks, enabling employees to focus on more high-value work. These instances make it evident that AI is not displacing or replacing humans, rather reinforcing their capabilities at workplaces. 

Medha K

CSM Tech has developed and on boarded a non-human employee named Medha K who is a Knowledge Assistant and integrated it with ChatGPT to assist internal employees. As an AI-powered natural language processing chatbot, it can understand and generate text based on the prompts and keywords you provide it. It has a variety of applications, from answering your questions to assisting you in drafting content, language translations, etc. 

Medha K is the human-AI trainer who can fine-tune language models, incorporate human feedback, and employ the most effective learning methods to ensure a seamless experience for everyone. Not only that, Medha K is also undergoing extensive training on IT helpdesk data, enabling her to provide IT ticket support and access project monitoring data to furnish you with real-time project health information and insights. So, if you need answers, you can trust that Medha K will provide you with prompt, accurate, and contextually relevant responses every time you ask.

Medha K is a formidable text-generating machine that has been fine-tuned with CSM Policy content to understand the intricate functioning of the organization. Furthermore, it has been integrated with the ERP employee database to identify individuals and will have access to additional business data like attendance, leave, training, tour, off-boarding, etc. All these capabilities empower Medha K to provide invaluable assistance with HR and admin functions. However, initially, we have limited the number of requests to 4098 tokens per day, which amounts to roughly 10 requests per employee. 

Medha K is a marvel of intelligence, designed to be a highly valuable asset in any organizational setting. With its remarkable ability to mimic human thought processes, Medha K can analyze data and extract insights that optimize trends specific to the job at hand. Unlike human employees, AI never gets physically tired, so it can keep processing information and providing contextually relevant responses as long as you keep feeding it data. The benefits of such an advanced technology are endless, and we'll explore them below.


  • Conversations that mimic human interaction: Users can put queries or commands to prompt human-like conversations with Medha K.
  • Modeled after the advanced GPT: With GPT-3, Open AI envisions language using autoregressive connections.
  • Highly Versatile: Content creators or technical writers can use this tool to create an outline.
  • Automate Repetitive Tasks: Medha K can manage repetitive tasks with artificial intelligence
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction and Engagement: With accurate responses to even rudimentary questions, this AI tool enhances customer experiences.
  • Improves the user experience (UX): Without the need for human intervention, Medha K can respond accurately to customer inquiries using language models.
  • Saves Time: with quick responses to any question this AI assistant saves the time which we spend in thinking, searching, or writing. 

Future Implementations

  • Voice-over Implementation: Anyone can search for anything with voice communication.
  • Improvising search Implementation: Feeding more answers or providing high-end training to the Chatbot.
  • Image and text configuration: Through text or voice we can search images existing in the database.
  • Video processing: We are in the progress of processing video configuration to the Medha K. 
CSM has deployed Medha K on the open source Odoo platform exclusively for internal employees, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone.

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