Disruptions & Adoption of EmTech in Mining Automation

June 18, 2021

03:00 pm

Presented By : Upasana Mohapatra (Subject Matter Expert)


In the Mining industry, new technologies and tools on the hardware, transportation, and equipment part of excavation, monitoring and logistics bring unprecedented brains and brawn to all major operations. Best of all, these new technologies can connect seamlessly with digital transformation efforts, integrating data analytics, Machine Learning & AI, with a smart mine’s unified systems.

CSM’s diverse technology portfolio in Mining and Mineral as a vertical, channels some of these most eclectic use of these front running technology to get closer to attaining the IT-OT Convergence Utopia. Be it the use of UAV for on-field truthing or the applying best-in-class advanced analytics to garner greater operational efficiency, we have something for everyone.

We learn how CSM has worked create Connected Systems that are cutting edge and follow the rules of digital transformation.


Webinar Highlights:
1. Emerging Tech in Mining – The Whats and Hows.
2. Tech for thought – Use cases and Challenges .
3. Successful Implementations.
4. What’s Next?.

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