Seed Certification System

Seed is the most crucial and important input for increasing crop production. It is the cheapest yet the key input to agriculture progress. The crop status largely depends on the quality of seed. So the seed quality is a vital determinant of a secure food supply and is the principle means to obtain  better crop yields in less favorable production area while ensuring sustainability of food production.

Good quality seeds of improved varieties ensure higher yield at least 10 – 12 %.  So preservation of quality of seed contribute to the commercial value which depends on two major aspects; one is the quality (nutrients) and the other one is the quantity (output/ high yielding capacity) of the seed. Seed Certification is an internationally recognized system that helps in the preservation of genetic purity and identity of seeds. To improve the quality assurance process and also bring all the farmers & key stakeholders into the system, automation and use of IT plays a crucial role.

CSM’s comprehensive seed certification system as an enabler have leveraged greater operational autonomy and transparency through a centrally managed, end- end certification system.It brings in ease in various aspects of the process and makes information easily available to the key stakeholders, to ensure timely compliance to the certification process.

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