23 Years Of Glory & Success

Back in 1990s, during the dotcom bubble era, the world was witnessing a rapid rise and interest in “internet companies.” Born during this era, on March 16, 1998, CSM not only thrived & adapted during the dotcom phase, but also quickly built on a strategy to reach ubiquity and corner a particular segment, that wasn’t known before. Back then, CSM created history by being the first Company in Odisha to invest in the space of Government Technology (GovTech).

Cut to 2021. A lot has changed since 1998. CSM has already completed its journey of 23 glorious years, with March 16 celebrated as the official Foundation Day. In fact, this date holds special for every CSMer, when each of them reminisces and gets nostalgic about their individual journey. Surreal success stories are shared, commendable contributions are noted, moments of highs are reviewed, and in the end it all sounds like a fairy tale, of sorts, for having touched so many milestones.

CSM Technologies Foundation Day

We, at CSM, have always been enthusiastic when it comes to the Foundation Day. Corridors are lit, balloons are hung, and the most delightfully, tempting cake is served. Celebrations of 2021 included all of it, but in a slightly different manner, with majority reveling in the celebrations “online.” The highlight of the day came in the form of a heartwarming and uplifting speech by our President & CEO, CSM Technologies, Priyadarshi Nanu Pany.

In the words of CEO, “CSM has evolved in its 23 years and has helped transform governance. It all started in a small, rented space with a motely group of engineers and like-minded ideators. 2020 was an exceptionally unprecedented and crucial year for us – like the rest of the globe, we too transformed our operations overnight. In the blended workplace model, I was happy to witness organizational resilience, commendable support by our IT team, and tremendous business continuity.”  

For CSM’s way-forward plan, he further added by saying, “Placing our foot on ground in Delhi/NCR and establishing our subsidiary in Rwanda (West Africa) are some of the other major milestones achieved. With my vision of Digital Transformation, I look forward to strengthening CSM’s visibility on digital platforms, upskill teams, foray into Enterprise Business, and build sales force in strategic geographies. Kudos to every CSMer who contributed to the overall growth and achievements of CSM, in all its 23 years. Long way to go!”

As a fast-paced growing Company, CSMers have a lot to celebrate - about awards, achievements, change and growth. Every year, on March 16, we celebrate us! #HappyFoundationDay #23YearsOfCSM #CSMRocks