Women Winning at Wellness: Life@CSM

Women and wellness go hand in hand given the responsibilities these real life superhumans take on and achieve. Rather than dedicating just a day to women, we at CSM thought of taking it for a week and celebrate womanhood. The second day of the week saw an interactive session with Ms. Madhavi Gadkari, the principal consultant of EdgeNext HR LLP. A wellness session, by the women, for the women.


The best of celebrations come when the whole family and even the extended family comes together. Keeping that in mind, we not only got the super-powered women of CSM but also the spouses of other CSMers to join in the interactive session. Given the situation of COVID, we took the session online, but the whole group was excited and it was good to hear about wellness being an integral part of every women’s life.

With the practicing clinical psychologist Ms. Gadkari on the Zoom Session, the women got an amazing platform to interact with each other and understand the process behind being a woman. Adhering to this year’s women’s day theme #challengeyourself, the session revolved around the various challenges the society throws at women and how our superheroes take on it heads-on only to come out exemplary.

Life@CSM is always about bringing out the best of each other. Growth is only compounded when shared with family and CSM is the family that has brought us together to do better and get better. To, women, wellness and togetherness!