Integrated communications services offer to design, implement and manage communication and networking environments to optimize business communication and outcomes. It integrates real-time business communication platform services such as Instant Messaging (Chat), Telephonic, Video Conferencing, SMS, Fax, Voicemail, E-Mail, Social Media Website etc. to facilitate effective communication and workflow in the organization. This kind of system plays a vital role in an organization comprising of employees working at different locations. It can help you create new process modules to drive business innovation for competitive advantage. It facilitates conducting business anytime, anywhere using multiple types of devices and forms of communication. This results in enhancing individual, work group and organizational productivity with collaboration environments, extending new capabilities through the integration of voice, video and data communications. The optimization of the communications and networking environments ensures cost-effective performance.

Need for Integrated Communication Services

The growing digital ecosystem has increased the number of communication channels used by different stakeholders- customers, partners, communities, and employees.  The digital channels on smartphones have provided ease of accessibility and connectivity at any time and anywhere. The use of the internet and social media has changed consumer behaviour and how companies conduct their business. Social and digital marketing offers significant opportunities to organizations through lower costs, improved brand awareness and increased sales.

Demographic shifts in the marketplace have changed the dynamics of brand communication. it is critical to react quickly and effectively as the nature of the audiences and the values they embrace evolve and change. Adapting to shifting audience demographics is extremely important today because we are in the middle of several dramatic and ongoing changes within the basic demographics reflected by our population. The covid-19 pa endemic has pivoted the change to an integrated communication interface. The fast digital transformation and shift in the working culture of businesses and organizations have reinvented more resilient and integrated ways of communication and networking.


Integrated communication elevates multi-channel and omnichannel communication and aligns all messaging/communication to the core business objective. Technology is the facilitator in bridging the communication gaps for tapping into opportunities for stakeholders in optimizing business outcomes. This is where a multi-channel or omnichannel platform is needed to integrate all the channels into one funnel for working in tandem rather than in silos.

CSM’s Integrated Communication Service

CSM’s integrated communication services are designed to enable you to support key networking environments and build differentiating advantages through business innovation. Integrated communications is an amalgamation of IT and business solutions expertise, proven methodologies, highly skilled global resources, industry-leading management platforms and processes, and strategic partnerships with other industry leaders to help create an integrated communications environment that drives business flexibility and growth for better outcomes. We have different successful use cases where integrated communication stacks are embedded in different projects like Omnichannel Grievance and a feedback system for Odisha Government named Mo Sarkar. Our product Tourque - a travel and tourism stack, implemented for the Government of Odisha Tourism, for rebranding their website and creating an omnichannel digital platform also consist of integrated communication as one of its features.

It aims to provide improved and faster communication anytime, anywhere from any device to build productivity, business agility, ROI, and competitive advantage. The integrated communication approach provides instant connections with people in no time which advances the decision-making process, triggers innovation, and enables faster service.


  • Facilitates Real-time communication
  • Ensures secured enterprise communication and messaging
  • Supports Faster decision making
  • Improves collaboration internally within employees & management and externally with clients, partners and customers
  • Enhance customer interaction through enhanced communication channels
  • Improves economics of productivity, efficiency, and business agility
  • Simplifies enterprise mobility strategy
  • Optimizes cost through integrated services
  • Improves productivity with best-practices processes and advanced technologies

The world is rapidly approaching tens of billions of connected consumer electronic devices and hundreds of billions of commercial or industrial connected devices.  These new devices are placing demands on enterprises and consumers around the globe. CSM’s integrated communication services help prepare our clients and their customers to meet the demands of today and seize the opportunities of tomorrow through different services like social media management, enhanced user or customer experience and mobility services.

While the new business ecosystem is moving towards mobile enterprise, CSM offers you the right strategy, governance, and data security to create a more productive, connected and agile business with reduced management costs and complexity. When the single best way for organizations to differentiate and add value to the business is through great customer experiences, CSM’s social media management offering helps you with your social media strategy and understand how organizations are successfully using social media to service their customers.  We assist clients in determining best practices and developing social media operating models that will help you structure your social media tools, people, and processes. . For governments, it facilitates a bipartite government-citizen interface ,allows the citizens to air their grievances and posit their views on programmes and policies through an omnichannel platform. For governments, keeping taps on social posts and conversations can be an essential barometer of the public perception of governance and the success or failure in terms of outcomes of state-sponsored schemes. The citizens gain faith in the government machinery and the delivery system, which facilitates government in better decision making, and effective implementation with assured scheme outcomes while meeting the coveted goal of participative democracy.


Integrated communications services offer to design, implement and manage communication and networking environments to optimize business communication and outcomes.

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