SAS Advance Analytics Solution

The Department of Steel and Mines, Government of Odisha has pioneered the use of multiple IT/ICT interventions including the Integrated Mines and Minerals Management System (i3MS). An average of 13.2 million transactions is made every day. This data includes records related to ePass, Form A returns, permits, and payments to name a few. This large data captured is useful for actionable insights and decision-making. I3MS legacy data is a rich source for descriptive analysis, predictive analysis and prescriptive analysis.

SAS and ML implementation in mining is enabling the department for accurate prediction of Production, Dispatch, Revenue for making plans based on our forecasted value.The analytical tool enabled the identification of hidden relationships between the entities, which benefited the department by enabling them to take data-driven decisions to further analyze the case based on system alerts, which fall under compliance. This improved the controls and decreased losses due to revenue leakages, ensuring effective planning of resources and logistics while tracking the effectiveness & regulation of various projects taken by the department. This single source of truth and the single repository has helped get rid of all manual reporting and move to a complete enterprise-wide SAS Advance Analytical reporting system with Detection and Investigation Solutions for all stakeholders in the governance and regulatory ecosystem.