Student Academic Management System

Technology is crucial and imperative for Education ecosystem to accelerate the digital transformation, reshaping every stage of the student journey – from navigating admissions to streamlining academics, elevating learning, and revamping assessments. This digitization wasn't a mere stopgap; it's now the beating heart of a smoother, more accessible, and engaging education system, one where technology doesn't just ease burdens, but empowers students and unlocks their full potential. 

While digital solutions have tackled age-old admission woes like paper forms and endless queues, a "digital oneness" in Indian admissions is yet to be achieved. Fragmented systems and platforms create hurdles for students and institutions alike. An integrated platform could transform admissions, offering easy access to reliable information, boosting transparency and accountability, and saving resources. This tech-driven transformation, aligned with NEP 2020's focus on affordability, accessibility, quality, equity, and accountability, would not only streamline admissions but also fulfil the vision of continual learning for all. CSM’s Student Academic Management System (SAMS) is one such integrated platform which ensures digital oneness through its Omni channel, digital first, interactive student on boarding funnels to create immersive and engaging student experience. To know more read the case study.