Cyber Security


Cyberattacks hit businesses every day. It’s malicious and attempted by either individuals or organizations to rupture and break the information system of other organizations. Every organization no matter how big or small faces this. For a long CSM has been a pioneer in providing Infrastructure, Application, Network Security, and Cloud Security.

How we work

Information is the key. Especially when we deal with customers’ information, it is serious business. How safeguarded that information is dependent on how well the digital fortress is built and managed. CSM ensures and certifies zero downtime along with idiot-proof security of customer businesses.

CSM’s security services include Disaster recovery & Business continuity, Continued monitoring, Data loss prevention, Email security, Data encryption, Identity and Access management, Intrusion management, Network security, Security assessment, Security information & Event management, Vulnerability scanning, VAPT and Web Security.

Areas of Work

CSM helps its clients’ organizations to be agile and innovative and of course secured. We help our by crafting a customized cyber and data security strategy to manage risks in any IT environment.

Organizations are now leveraging cloud-based models to adopt security services and solutions. With CSM’s cloud-based security services, businesses can eliminate the cost and hassle of provisioning, managing, scaling security hardware and software, ensuring fast, consistent delivery of the newest security technologies & updates, helping you stay compliant and thereby reduce risk.

CSM provides its cloud services by engaging itself with different MeitY empaneled Cloud Service Providers (CSP) through this we are able to facilitate and offer various cloud based services to the Government, PSUs and Private Sectors.

CSM also helps in building a robust technical platform for the business of its clients. We try to detect susceptibilities and vulnerabilities in critical devices, applications, and networks, once we found some loopholes we guide actionable steps to optimize security spend to maintain compliance also a strategy to face the emerging threats so that the business can grow with utmost security.