Mo Sarkar Bags The Prestigious Nexus of Goods Award 2023


05 October 2023

MO SARKAR has won the esteemed Nexus of Good Annual Awards, 2023. The Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of Odisha received the honour from the founder of Nexus of Goods, Mr. Anil Swaroop, former secretary of the government of India and author, on 30th of September’23 at FICCI, New Delhi.

Mr. Swaroop said, “In a world bombarded with so many negative stories and information, it is imperative to come together and speak up to prevent evil from flourishing.” He believes that we inherently know what is “good.” Yet we allow the “din of the devil” to drown the “good”. This brought the inception of the Nexus of Good movement. The essence of the Nexus of Good is to identify, appreciate, propagate, replicate, and scale up the good work. Therefore, it encourages people to join the movement and spread the good work. Goodness should not go unnoticed, which is the goal of the movement. Sharing a positive story will take the movement ahead whenever one sees something good.

To ensure that the positive stories not just get published but are recognized at the National level, NoG launched the “Annual National Award” for the Second time in 2023.

And MO SARKAR, an Omni channel citizen feedback system developed by CSM Technologies, was recognized for its outstanding contribution to good governance. It is a one-of-a-kind initiative that uses a randomized feedback mechanism that connects citizens directly with their elected representatives and top-ranked government officials. It covers 31 departments and 263 services with more than 50 million citizen contact details. Ministers and officials make an average of 39 thousand calls, and 15 thousand feedbacks are received monthly. 

The initiative enlivens the real motto of the Odisha Government of providing “people-centric governance at the grass-root level.” The success and recognition of the scheme Mo Sarkar is a testimony to a new wave of direct citizen participation sweeping the shores of our governance. The crowdsourcing of feedback for reinforcing public service delivery is slated to become the new normal for citizen-centric government.

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