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Some few trillion years ago, when the earth was just a large blob of green patch, some genius had said that “Thinkers cannot be Executors”. They were wrong then, and in 2020, they would be doubting their own intellect.

Design thinking brings man, machine and the mind together – not in the exact order though. When the man applies his mind, the machine is put to good use. This, in a nutshell, explains UX - User experience.

Imagine you are an UX designer – and unlike the proverbial Pappu – you can actually, do the Salsa!

The UX journey begins with a dollop of EMPATHY for the user, where you need to hear their incidents/events and understand the unsaid – all from the USER point of view. Once you have heard it all, you stitch and DEFINE those sketches into the story which – the User – will like reading. After you have acted your part as a storyteller, you realize that the path from the beginning till the end, do not follow a chronology; so you IDEATE. You put your mind into play and bring an anecdote here and there and complete the story to be told. But what your mind has played out needs the User’s acceptance as well. So, the PROTOTYPING. This is where your garnishing is complete and the recipe is served to a Users’ palate. TEST it and you are good to go.

CSM has perfected the art of converging User Experience, Storytelling and Technology to power digital brands for its customers. This edition of i2 is a befitting tribute to our contribution as a thought leader in this space.

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