Integrated Command and Control Centre


IT is not limited to software and applications or database. Managing the entire gamut of operations commencing at the specifications of IT infrastructure requirement to providing management services, for an organization is a tenacious service. Integrated Command and Control Centre( ICCC )  services of CSM covers the management of critical operational elements required for efficiently & effectively leveraging technology, information and data to provide a scalable solution to the end user. These elements include assets such as computers, servers, networking infrastructure, data centers & virtual facilities as well as the overarching policies, processes & people that govern their usage. Our main goal is to minimize downtime and maintain optimum business productivity.

How we work

We are constantly striving to enhance agility and security of solutions that deliver user centric, one stop solutions to the customers. Our purpose is to reduce duplication of effort, ensure free flow of information throughout an information system in order to achieve compliance to standards and adaptability to a dynamic environment. We understand the need to provide enterprises scalable IT infrastructure in order to keep their customers satisfied. We are also adapting emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing and Internet of Things to achieve cost efficiencies & enhanced revenues.

Areas of Work

We have facilitated ICCC Solutions that have strengthened communication systems to ensure adequate and timely execution of all user related services as well as internal services. In addition to facilitating internet connection to the nodes from the main hub through wireless technology, our solutions have also included surveillance systems to monitor the activity at nodes. Other services include integration of network with another to create failover, implementation of application software for better monitoring of projects and engagement of dedicated onsite technical team to manage & monitor the network grid.

Our solutions also cover Facility Management Service which provides warranty of supplied IT hardware, preventive & corrective maintenance activities and operational support. We offer a dedicated 24*7 helpdesk and monitoring at NOC in projects. Operational support includes configuration of network, surveillance systems, security system and internet. Operational support resources such as Infrastructure Consultant, Wireless Network Expert, Network Security Expert, Help Desk Call Centre Executive and others are deputed across multiple shifts to monitor and provide uninterrupted services to the client.