History Made! CSM Tech Cracks First Patent with Revolutionary AR Sampling System


05 February 2024

CSM Technologies (CSM Tech) has etched its name in the annals of innovation with its first-ever patent, marking a watershed moment for the company’s innovation in the mining industry. This ground-breaking patent is for innovative algorithms RADO (Random Allocation of Designated Officer) and RGSL (Random Generation of Sampling Locations), used in ore sampling, revolutionizing the process with transparency and automation.

Odisha, rich in mineral resources, has long strived for a streamlined and responsible mining ecosystem. Addressing the surging demand for iron ore, the state implemented the Integrated Mines and Minerals Management System (i3MS) in 2010. This solution ensured real-time visibility across the mineral value chain, curbing illegal mining and bolstering revenue.

Driven by the quest for continuous improvement, CSM Tech integrated an Augmented Reality (AR)-based Sampling mobile application into the i3MS. This application introduced randomization in the mining stack, replacing the limitations of the traditional manual process. With concerns about potential manipulation and revenue losses a reality, the state government sought a technological solution.

The patented algorithms, named RADO (Random Allocation of Designated Officer) and RGSL (Random Generation of Sampling Locations), address these concerns directly:

  • RADO: Eliminates potential bias by randomly assigning designated officers to collect samples.
  • RGSL: Ensures truly representative samples by generating random sampling locations within the designated mining area.

This AR-based system not only enhances transparency but also streamlines the entire sampling process, saving time and resources. With this historic patent, CSM Tech cements its position as a pioneer in leveraging technology for ethical and efficient mineral resource management. This innovation holds immense potential not only for Odisha's mining industry but also for other mineral-rich regions around the globe seeking transparent and accountable practices.

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