CSM Tech Rolls Out Tourque, A Seamless Digital Solution In Experiential Tourism

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21 February 2022

-Post pandemic, the tourism industry has seen a digital upheaval and Tourque is a one-stop digital delight for all

Bhubaneswar: The raging Covid pandemic has battered the face of global tourism and travel. Tourism is among the sectors to have borne the maximum burnt of Covid induced lockdowns and hotel closures, forcing the globe trotter to go into home quarantine.

But as curbs on international travel are easing, tourism is gradually on a revival trajectory. One of the positive takeaways of the pandemic is that it has reset the way the cautious yet curious traveller plans her travel. The shift to digital platforms to discover, plan, book and shop has happened with an alacrity never imagined before. According to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Digital Transformation Initiative, digitalization in aviation, travel and tourism is expected to create up to $305 billion of value for the industry and benefits valued at $700 billion for customers and the wider society between 2016 and 2025.

With the emergence of the Digital Economy, the traveler craves for an experiential element in tourism while the other stakeholders in the chain root for a level playing field with equal opportunities for all. Though there are websites and apps galore for booking your travel plan, there is no seamless digital platform that bundles all tourism products and offerings and coalesces different players in a fragmented ecosystem.

CSM Tech announces the launch of Tourque- a one-stop digital interface that fills this long-standing void in the travel value chain.

Priyadarshi Nanu Pany, Founder & CEO of CSM Tech said“This integrated website aggregates both state and non-state actors like government departments, hotel owners, travel operators, tour guides, cabbies, travel bloggers etc. Tourque is the only seamless digital offering which democratizes opportunities for all and offers a complete assisted journey to the tourist from destination discovery to delight. By leveraging technology to connect people and places, Tourque can be a catalyst to tourism growth and an enabler in the digital experience economy.”

The other USP of this digital solution is that it can be anchored by the state administration. This factor induces confidence and plugs any trust deficit with a stakeholder.

Besides being a one-stop platform for aggregating all stakeholders connected with the tourism value chain, Tourque boasts of an integrated content management system, digital asset management, analytics and a dragonfly view of the top tourism destinations, experiences and virtual tours. The platform has a 3600, holistic social media management with tools to extract user-generated content on reviews of tourist experiences. Also, the integrated portal has an e-commerce platform for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Platform for cross-linkage of relevant packages. Overall, this seamless solution offers users an immersive, omnichannel experience and keeps them glued to the portal through content personalization.

Onboarded by Odisha Tourism for rebranding its website, our digital solution has drawn 2.2 million unique visitors, including more than 900,000 visits on the trails pages and 500,000+ visits on the booking pages, generating over 3000 online leads.

Dovetailing commerce with content and consumers and topping it with an aura of trust, Tourque is the next digital disruptor in the experiential tourism economy.

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