The Future of Innovation is AI-first but not AI-only

  • 30th Oct,2023
  • 4 mins Read

Just imagine what it would be like to live in an AI-first world. A world where AI-powered innovations are omnipresent, and automation is the currency of every transaction. Organizations are placing big stakes in an AI-first world. Wipro recently unveiled its AI-first strategy, announcing that all its solutions and offerings would be AI-embedded in the next six months. Previously, Infosys had made no bones about its intent to go AI-first. The tech bellwether had declared that every Infosys employee would be given an AI assistant, leveraging Generative AI capabilities to amplify human productivity and potential. 

But let's not forget that the future of innovation is AI-first but not AI-only. An AI-only world would be cold and sterile. It might optimize efficiency but at the expense of human touch. If robots cooked and served food, it would surely be precise and consistent, but it would lack the soulful touch of a chef's special recipe or the warmth of a waiter's smile. AI can be the paintbrush but not the artist. In an AI-only world, humans would be mere spectators and passive participants. Humans possess a unique blend of creativity, intuition, and empathy, which no AI, howsoever disruptive, can replace or render obsolete. 

The convergence of AI-first and human ingenuity

AI-first solutions use AI as a partner in human endeavours. AI can analyze vast datasets, diagnose diseases, and even recommend treatment plans in medicine. But real healing comes from the physician's skill, experience, and empathy. By augmenting the doctor's abilities, AI makes healthcare more efficient and precise. Think about autonomous vehicles. While they may drive themselves, their primary purpose is to safely get humans from point A to point B. Through AI-first solutions, humans become more efficient, creative, and capable. AI taking over mundane, repetitive tasks allows people to focus on higher-order thinking, innovation, and emotional connections that define us as humans.

How can companies be AI-first?

An AI-first organization is structurally ambidextrous – an ambience where humans and AI models work in harmony. Transitioning to an AI-first company demands that AI is not just a fringe player but embedded into the company's culture, strategy, and decision-making. Infusing a culture of AI and aligning folks with the vision needs the sanction of the top leadership. Complementing the AI first vision is hiring a skilled pool of talent- data scientists, machine learning experts, and AI specialists and also upskilling the existing crop of employees. What’s more, companies need access to clean, authentic, and bias-free data to train and deploy efficient AI models. With big data comes big responsibility. Companies need to put in place the right guardrails to ensure that the AI models do not drift or behave unanticipated. Transparency, provenance, and governance must be baked into the design of every AI solution. 

CSM Tech's quest for an AI-first yet omnichannel experience

Looking at the explosive growth of Generative AI and the phenomenal promise of AI in the future, CSM Tech has jumped on the bandwagon. We have more than come to grips with the potential of AI and have embedded this blockbuster technology into a suite of our domain offerings and solutions. The company buys into the role of AI in elevating citizen experience (CX) and catapulting User Experience (CX) to new highs. We understand the strength of an AI-first strategy but delivering omnichannel experiences is in the DNA of our vision. Here are a few solutions or offerings where we have unlocked the power of AI to deliver ground-breaking outcomes:

Medha K: This is a Knowledge Assistant, integrated with ChatGPT to assist CSM's internal employees. As an AI-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP) chatbot, it can understand and generate text based on your prompts and keywords. Medha K is the human-AI trainer who can fine-tune language models, incorporate human feedback, and employ the most effective learning methods to ensure a seamless experience for everyone. Medha K is a marvel of intelligence, designed to be a highly valuable asset in any organizational setting. With its remarkable ability to mimic human thought processes, Medha K can analyze data and extract insights that optimize trends specific to the job at hand.

CSM Tech is also designing its own Generative AI framework. The platform is capable of creating conversational bots and background bots. Embedded in this Low Code No Code (LCNC) platform is a data repository and an AI lab that maintains a model registry. The platform is optimized for hybrid (cloud and on-premises) operations, and it allows customers to deploy their data. 

Privacy by design is the guardian of trust in our Generative AI services. We meticulously curate and protect data to craft AI solutions that empower businesses without compromising individual privacy. Besides employing encryption techniques to safeguard sensitive data points during data extraction, we take utmost care to anonymize personal data. 

The future- Embracing AI-first but human-centered innovation

The future of innovation lies in harnessing the potential of AI while recognizing the critical role of human input. The future is one where we leverage the strengths of AI – its speed, precision, and data-crunching abilities – to complement our creativity, intuition, and empathy. Let's not be bystanders in the future but active participants, driving the narrative and ensuring that the AI-first world we build enhances, not replaces the human experience.

Jayajit Dash

Senior Manager- Corporate Communications (Marketing)

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