Centralizing Services Through GovTech

The suite of agile solutions in the Government Functions are specially designed to help governments to join in into the digital revolution and connect the bridge between technology and services. Vesting in digital and automation can make government services more accessible online, reduce the cost of accessing those services, streamline administrative processes, improve turnaround times, and strengthen accountability and responsiveness. Our solutions offer uninterrupted service in a secured network for smart, efficient and good governance.

Recognized By:

Grant Management System

Facilitating results oriented fund utilization for efficient economy.

Automating Grant
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Integrated Beneficiary Management System

Facilitate effective delivery of the social protection programs

Social Protection
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Asset Registration System

Identify potential conflict of interest & prevent impropriety in conduct of public affairs.

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Project Monitoring System

Gain full control of projects and manage resources efficiently.

Ease In Monitoring
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e-File Tracking System

An ICT platform for speed & transparency in government communication.

Organize Properly
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eMuster Roll Platform

Ensuring timely disbursal of wages for social security & empowerment of labour force.

Timely Wage Disbursal
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Epidemic Management System

Enabling authorities to respond effectively to a public health crisis

Pandemic Management
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Contractor Database Management System

Expedite license issuance via a single, centralized database of contractors.

Hassle-Free Service
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eTendering System

Secure, interactive and transparent end-to-end tender lifecycle management for procurement of goods and services.

Transparency in Tendering
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Integrated Legal Monitoring System

Enabling better governance via fast disposal of cases.

Faster Case Disposal
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Tapping HR Analytics & EmTech for Strategic Business Outcomes

Do more with less
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Labour Welfare Scheme Monitoring System

Facilitating creation of centralized worker database for effective policy & scheme implementation and monitoring.

Centralizing Scheme Monitoring
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