How Governments Can Up Their Game on Citizen Experience

  • 14th Nov,2023
  • 3 mins Read

Elevating The Experience Ecosystem for Citizens

Every government can claim that it has a laser focus on citizen-centricity. But will that suffice? More than digital tools and niche technologies, governments must take a deep dive into citizen behaviour, figure out what counts to them the most, and then realign their services and solutions. It all boils down to creating meaningful, productive, and intuitive citizen experiences (CX).

"An individual's experience with their government is what differentiates one from another from both a technological and human perspective." 

Delighting Citizens Consistently

Today's governments are not just service providers; they are experience creators. For them to remain relevant and competitive, they must understand the changing needs and preferences of their citizens. Governments can elevate the experience ecosystem for citizens with the strategies below:

1. Transform Experiences

Today's government services are all about creating experiences that resonate with citizens. Even though basic needs like safety, healthcare, education, and housing are universal, individual preferences and lifestyles differ. A great experience goes beyond meeting functional and emotional needs; it taps into latent desires.

2. Intimate Yet Industrialized

The transformation of citizen experiences requires a balance between intimacy and industrialization. To understand citizens' behavior, data is collected from various touchpoints. You use qualitative insights and behavioral data to figure out 'why' people do what they do. Agile design principles come into play here, prioritizing and testing ideas to find what really delights citizens. In the UAE, the Roads and Transport Authority uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify customer needs from social media. Likewise, Estonia's e-Residency program allows people from anywhere in the world to become digital residents, enabling them to access Estonian e-services, open businesses, and use digital signatures.

3. Modernize Technologies

The success of modern government services depends on how well technology aligns with citizens' expectations and needs. It is not enough to adopt the latest technology; it must be engaging, interactive, and able to facilitate seamless communication. "Smart Cities Index" and the World Bank's GovTech Maturity Index demonstrate the importance of technology adoption and citizen engagement in delivering meaningful and productive experiences.

4. Understanding Citizen Behaviour

Governments must understand citizens' multiple dimensions and behaviors to provide a great CX. They need to figure out what motivates citizens, what their time and resource constraints are, and how they prefer to interact. Governments must understand these aspects to tailor their services to meet citizens' needs.

Improving Citizen Experience

Delight by Design- How CSM Tech delivers engaging CX

CSM Tech has embedded user delight into its aggregated Citizen Experience Platform or CXP. It is a suite of solutions that leverage technology to deliver an incredible CX. The stack boasts top-notch features that facilitate seamless communication between citizens and governments. CSM CXP combines the essential aspects of citizen-government relations with cutting-edge technologies. The CXP stack has some cutting-edge solutions like:

I. Contact Centre

This robust feedback system collects and consolidates citizens' grievances and facilitates their timely resolution. Contact centre is an integrated Citizen Interaction System providing a single platform for citizens' feedback about public services and fixing accountability on concerned officers. The coupling of technology with solid governance oversight has enabled it to deliver transformative outcomes.

II. Grievance & Feedback Management System

This Grievance & Feedback Management System can be used by administrative bodies to address public grievances in a state quickly and effectively and collect feedback that gives an insight into citizen's sentiments. 

III. Omnichannel Grievance Management System

The process of grievance response and redressal can be time-consuming when they are difficult to classify as the boundaries between grievance, complaint, and feedback are fast blurring. CSM Tech has developed an integrated, Omnichannel Grievance Management System capable of sourcing and consolidating grievances from all channels. The one-stop system also facilitates a response within 24 hours of registering a grievance. It escalates it to the next highest authority if unattended on time.

Government Technology For Citizen Experience

Valuing CX in the Long-Term 

The expectations of citizens, technology, and the overall digital landscape will continue to change and become more critical to government strategy and day-to-day operations. In 2024, more than 30 percent of governments will track citizen participation quantity and quality in policy and budget decisions using engagement metrics, according to a recent prediction. Investing in CX will be worthwhile in the long term if this prediction becomes a reality.

Jayajit Dash

Senior Manager- Corporate Communications (Marketing)

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