Digital Dawn - Product First Landscape

In this special annual i2 edition, we will let you navigate through the disruptions that emerging technologies have been brewing. And the disruptions wrought by our solutions! We haven't taken a detour in this traffic of disruption, just that we have stepped into a new lane to turbocharge our future. It's the same journey of exhilaration and fun, and we pursue it with more verve and brio.

Yes, we have geared into the product mode and are playing the product-first tune to an increasingly digital-first world. The 'product mindset' deviates significantly from the 'project mindset' in its approach toward both delivery and excellence. However, the mindset is not limited to the ambit of just project managers. It can be adopted at every step of a lifecycle by various stakeholders like operations, client servicing, production and post-sales support. To know more about how our solutions are redefining the businesses with the product-first approach, you may go through our special edition on it.

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