Legal Monitoring System

The pendency of legal cases in the government department as a roadblock is one of the major deterrents in providing timely justice to the public while hampering the vital functions of the department. The total pendency in India is 3 crores, 46% of which is Government litigation. In more than 90% cases, the Government side fails to prove the point. This is due to the lack of an efficient monitoring and case management system.

The robust web-enabled case management and monitoring system developed by CSM provides timely information and communication, notification and alerts to manage and dispose of legal cases filed against the government. It facilitates the much-needed transparency and ease in disposing of cases, to provide timely justice upholding the rule of law. And most importantly it helps to avoid Contempt cases by taking a decision within timeline fixed by courts that would otherwise result in serious and embarrassing consequences making the Secretary and Director of the department appear before the court.

The ICT enabled monitoring system has the potential to be implemented in the government departments and ministries facing the herculean task of managing cases and reducing pendency. Besides, the risk of contempt of court is reduced, time and resources are saved and utilized for the vital functioning of the government.

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