User Experience


In today’s industry of rapidly growing interfaces, UX (User Experience) design has become increasingly important. The UX is the benchmark of end-users interaction with the organization: its brand, its product, and its services. In simple words, UX is important to substantiate the needs of an organization’s customers. Furthermore, a meaningful user experience allows you to define customer journeys on a website/mobile app that is most conducive to business success. CSM designs products and solutions by focusing on the quality and thoughtfulness of the user experience. Every touch-point within the customer’s interaction with a product/ service is designed to deliver experiences based on the brand’s promise. We constantly strive to weave in storylines. 

How we work

Nearly two decades in design & implementation has endorsed our team to be impeccable in the process of delivering UI and UX services for a variety of clients be it Government or private. At CSM we make it a point to follow recognized design standards, workflows, and guidelines to develop the product that the customer desires. We also deliver it within the set timeframe to meet the customer delight. For the businesses that want to attract and convert their interests into revenue, UX is the key part of their success and survival.

Areas of Work

1. Creating UI & UX web applications Plan

When CSM starts creating an UX or UI plan, the first thing we do is try to understand the client and their need. We give importance to the users' persona based on interaction with the client. Then we plan accordingly to meet customer’s delight and expectation.

2. Design and implement user interfaces for mobile apps

When we are building a user interface (UI), we try to collect more data, conduct a study to compare the effectiveness and quality of experience by making it more responsive and dynamic.

3. Open source development to employing the latest tools & technologies

We prefer open-source software because they have more control over that specific kind of software. They can examine the code to make sure that there are no unwanted changes, and alter accordingly. 

4. PWA As part of UX

These days’ Progressive web apps (PWAs) have now changed the entire perception about web applications. It has opened the door for creating rich experiences on mobile and web. CSM has ventured into this area recently. We believe in checking the usability of progressive web apps and ensure that the user experience (UX) is just as good as with native apps. 

5. UX for Digital Marketing

UX is a qualitative foundation for any kind of digital marketing. UX is not just for the promotion of the product, Most of the time, it is all about the product itself. We emphasize User experience to execute digital marketing strategies to bring in personalization and convenience.