Analytical Edge- Unlocking the value of Data

We all are aware of the power of Data Analytics and how it is transforming the world with more data-backed informed decisions, starting from monitoring the speed at which polar ice caps melt to the areas most at risk from illegal poachers. Data helps us to understand the state of our world and may provide insights that would help us to save it. The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that data analytics could generate a whopping $1.2 trillion in revenue per year across the public and social sectors.

As the world moves towards more data dependency, data analytics would drive efficiency, growth and transformation in any business. This edition of our tech newsletter focuses on the possibilities of transformation that data analytics has heralded in different domains. We have tried to tell stories about our learnings with data analytics and how our clients were able to transform their decision-making and policy-design processes, aided by our expertise.

The use of advanced analytics has revolutionized the way we live in the digital era. Obviously, it has positively impacted and brought ease in the way we avail health care, AI-enabled crop analytics empowering government and farmers, advanced analytics for real-time mining solutions and many more.

To know more about data analytics trends and how it is shaping the present and future, read through this edition of our newsletter.

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