Covid Tech Stack

In early March this year, India woke up to the unprecedented situation posed by the rapid spread of the novel Coronavirus. For the first time in recent human history, a new discovery in the microbe family had brought the world economy to its knees. As technology implementation partners for mission critical government projects, CSM had the foresight to understand the role of “big data & analytics” in effective pandemic response.

This inspired our team to conceptualize a 360 degree GovTech solution that integrates data from multiple source systems, transforms, cleans and consumes it as per need using advanced analytical components. Implemented for the Government of Odisha & Bihar, our pandemic response tech stack captures data across all points of user journey and gives insights that serve as a single version of truth to the entire state machinery. In such unpredictable times, this solution truly enables evidence based policy making by administrators to remain one step ahead in the fight against the pandemic.

This solution addresses the need of:

  • Identifying and tracking suspect virus carriers
  • Monitoring the health of critical and high priority virus affected cases
  • Contact tracing the vulnerable & high risk population
  • Enforcing strict social distancing or isolation
  • Optimizing utilization of healthcare resources in arresting infection & mortality
  • Planning infrastructure augmentation for handling upsurge in incidence
  • Guaranteeing essential supplies or any emergency needs for citizens
  • Providing monetary relief or assistance to vulnerable population

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