Paddy Procurement in Odisha

Procurement of food stock is an essential part of the Agriculture sector of any country and vital for Food Security. Countries with Agriculture as their primary sector puts it as priority to empower the small and marginal farmers through different Food Subsidy schemes and program. This necessitates a strong procurement system that will ensure the availability of food for the program. So a good procurement system is crucial to meet the needs of the market, provide a fair price to the cultivators and ensures transparency in transactions, checking leakages.

The Paddy Procurement System developed by CSM is one of the key components of GovTech in the agriculture sector. The procurement system uses advanced technology like Block Chain to ensure there is transparency in the billing systems & make all transactions tamper proof and Machine Learning to build various demand supply estimates that add up to being a complete solution to address the farm to table value chain. The end to end solution implemented in Odisha is a benchmark for good governance for food security for millions of people in the state. Built to work on the data that is captured through the Farmer Registration System integrated into the Supply Chain Management System, it proves to be useful for any agency, government department or large food processing industry.

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