Productivity Safety Net Programme (PSNP)- IV MIS

The PSNP Social Protection Management Information System (SPMIS ) has been developed for effectively targeting beneficiaries, registering, monitoring program delivery & fund transfer, and addressing grievance redressal for the PSNP programme in Ethiopia. The PSNP is part of the Government of Ethiopia’s strategy and policy for food security, eradicating extreme poverty, and moving away from emergency food aid appeals to a long-term, planned strategy for food security and drought risk management.

In order to implement PSNP, Ethiopian Social Protection (SP) policy envisaged a MIS that would allow for an identification and targeting of beneficiaries depending on their geographical location, family size, and need for particular benefits.

CSM’s seamless, interconnected ICT solution envisages a four-pronged approach - beneficiary identification, program targeting, direct fund transfer & capacity building and impact assessment framework. A system of this kind helps consolidate multiple programs under a single umbrella, resulting in a more equitable distribution of resources and a higher degree of efficiency.

Go through the brochure to know more about the Social Protection Management Information System (SPMIS ) and how it has been instrumental in effectively implementing the PSNP-IV. 

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