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Social media presence in today’s corporate world is a pivotal addition to the brand’s identity of any company, corporate or entity. CSM has taken up social media management as a broad extension of its core expertise in the digital sphere. We work in the areas of account management & maintenance, content creation to curation, analytics & insights; thus completing a full circle.

How we work

Keeping in mind that social media is free and a powerful medium to grow audience and build a real business, CSM caters to different kind of audiences and offers a unique experience in itself. This means, as a business, you have a choice to decide how and where you want to establish your social media presence. Besides, we believe in developing a meaningful community that not only is customer-oriented but also lets you achieve your business goals. Through this community, customers have the opportunity to exchange deep conversations with other like-minded people, share feedback about brand, products and services and also reach out to other relevant people in their own immediate network to share your content.

Areas of Work

With systematic and exponential increase in social media-based engagement in the last few years, it has now become a channel of choice for various governing institutions as well. And these are the areas we venture into at CSM to provide a holistic 360-degree intervention for strong social media presence:

Consulting: Blending the science of digital with the basics of government-to-citizen communications has never looked better. From guiding content and market research to conducting digital unity campaigns, CSM Social places you in the driver’s seat of your digital transformation. Account Management & Maintenance creates a brand identity through consistent social media presence. 

Campaigns & positioning: Marketers have been using social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to promote their businesses for years now. Be it brand positioning, managing a global event or creating a digital blitz about a program, CSM Social provides scalability, data-driven insights, creative direction and influencer network marketing to ensure you reach your biggest fans and deliver messaging with a deft creative touch.

Content curation and publishing: CSM social team helps you heard and your presence felt in the market. A team of experienced content managers take up sourcing, curation, and creation of content for the client organization, based on research and analysis of audience and the brand positioning of the organization, curate and publish posts after approval in the right time so that engagement, impression and views of the post can be the highest.

Reporting, analytics and insights: A team of big data analysts will sweep the internet daily to trace your digital footprints and ensure your online reputation peaks at all times and any sources of crisis are dealt with in real-time.

A better social media strategy will boost your marketing efforts. It could take some time to build a solid foundation, nevertheless, it has a sustainable snowball effect. Consistency is what is needed to make it go a long way in bringing benefits to your business. Pay attention to people, and they will pay attention to you - that's the mantra.

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