Attendance tracking can bring multiple benefits to an organization. One of the most important benefits is that it helps HR and payroll teams process employee payments accurately. As an HR professional, tracking and storing attendance data will help you ensure compliance with all the applicable labor laws. Streamlining your attendance management strategies can also help ensure you always have enough resources to complete projects on time. 

With employees preferring flexibility and working from different parts of the world, the traditional methods of manually tracking attendance are no longer a sustainable solution. This is where a cloud-based attendance management system comes into play. The Attendance Management System market size will grow from USD 8.6 billion in 2022 to USD 49 billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 5.7% during the forecast period (2020-2028). The proximity cards segment is expected to lead the global attendance management system market during the forecast period (2020-2028), with a share of over 75%. Let’s have a brief overview of the attendance management system. 

Attendance Management System  

An attendance management system is a cloud-based HR tech tool that enables organizations to automate their attendance management operations and keep track of employee working hours. It either allows employees to mark their attendance through its web or mobile app or integrates with the biometric attendance system to sync attendance entries automatically. Some attendance management systems do come with facial recognition technology that validates employee identities whenever they check in or check out. These attendance entries are centralized in a single system and can be accessed by HR teams from anywhere, at any time. This geographic information can be used for different purposes such as fraud detection, resource planning, and payroll calculations among others. Below are the challenges from which the idea of implementing the attendance system comes into the picture. 


  • Tracking Attendance Manually:

    However, while scaling up our business, the HR team faces many challenges to keep track of the workforce's attendance and gather data for payroll processing. Every employee expects their organization to have a user-friendly attendance tracking system that is easy to use, just like their personal technologies. 
  • Payroll errors are not uncommon:

    Manual tracking of employee attendance is prone to human error like incorrect calculation of the employee’s gross pay, which affects employee morale and satisfaction. Manual payroll Processing consumes more time as well.   
  • Ensuring Compliance:

    No proper system to track employee attendance results in the scattering of data in different places and may not be documented properly. Due to this, the company always struggles to organize attendance data and pays hefty fines for non-compliance during audits.   


  • No Fuss in Workflow Management: 

    With the ease of proper workflow, the employer can have clear visibility of attendance regularization, leave management, overtime requests, etc. as they can be monitored and assigned with the help of a few clicks. 
  • Paperless Work Environment:  

    A paperless work environment is a very crucial aspect of corporate responsibility. A cloud-based attendance system will also help you in cutting down the overall cost of resources and automates all your Core HR activities. 
  • Real-Time Tracking:  

    Real-time time tracking refers to the method of tracing the current location of your employees through GPS and GEO tagging. Apart from GPS tracking, you can also opt for GEO fencing which will automatically capture the employee’s attendance as soon as they are within office premises. 
  • Reliable Data:  

    A central attendance system will always provide you with accurate data with the help of which you can eliminate the cost & inevitability of human errors and focus on efficiency and productivity.
  • Enhancing Productivity:  

    With cloud-based HR software, you can cut down on manual tasks and cherish a simple yet effective method of processing your payroll.
  • Maintain Company Culture: 

    An automated system will provide your employees with all the necessary information like leave balance which will help them plan their schedules. 
  • Personalized and Flexible:  

    An automated attendance system will capture your employees’ attendance using mobile apps, desktop applications, biometric devices, facial recognition devices, etc. A modern-day technology for employee attendance will take care of both office employees as well as employees working from home. 
  • Cost-Effective & Easy Integration: 

    Modern-day technology for employee attendance will make it impossible for any employee to tamper with the saved data resulting in an honest and cost-effective workplace. And if a smart attendance system has multiple integrated attendance tracking methods while punch-in and punch-out like QR Code scan on id cards, Facial Recognition, and Biometric scanning then it saves more money and time than having one system with one scanning method. 

Employees are the most valuable asset to a company. Efficient management of assets is necessary to ensure maximum output and working efficiency. Enabling an automated attendance management system improves regularity and motivates employees to maintain their track records. Regularity to work reflects positively on performance and thereby in the overall business output. 

CSM has the capability to offer this automated attendance system integrated with a QR code scanner on ID cards, a Biometric sensor, and facial recognition in a single attendance tracking device. CSM has also pitched the Multi-Modal Attendance System to its partners and they want to implement this system in their organization. 

CSM has developed an automated Multi-Modal Attendance System integrated with a QR code scanner on ID cards, a Biometric sensor, and facial recognition in a single attendance tracking device.

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